server disabled but catching email

I have two servers and have moved one website from one to the other, using server replicate a domain.
very simple to do :o)

however, I have disabled the site on first server but email through the server is still getting lost or saved on server 1 instead of forwarding to server 2.

is there an aliases file that I can check or some thing I should check to ensure that mail is forwarded correctly. I did notice some email addresses in ‘aliases’ but removed them and run ‘newaliases’

thanks for any advice



Take a peek in the file /etc/postfix/virtual, do you see any references do you domain in there?


superp, that fixed the issue.

is that something that virtualmin should do when you disable a virtual server ?

thanks again

I’m not sure at the moment, I was planning to talk to Jamie about that :slight_smile:

Certainly when a Virtual Server is deleted, that should be done.

The idea of disabling a Virtual Server though – that’s usually done when the plan is to later re-enable it. For example, if the user hasn’t paid a bill.

So it’s possible that disabling it just locks the mail account, but intentionally doesn’t remove entries from the alias and virtual file.

I was going to talk to Jame about that to be sure though.


the way I used it in this case was when I moved a domain to another server.
I wanted to save the domain, but mark it as disabled in case I have to revert back again.
then in a few days I cna delete it but meanwhile mail from the original server gets lost (its OK from outside though)

thanks, Brian