Server crashing when under heavily load

On my server when there are a few people all using the heavily back end of Wordpress on the same virtual server i think its causing PHP to use all the RAM (512mb) and therefore just bringing there server down.

Is there a way i can put a limit on to stop over 80% of resources, by either killing all the processes of the user or don’t allow any more.

This is a really problem as 10 websites were down for 4 hours with out me knowing. I would prefere to kill all the processes of that user than 10 websites going down.

Thanks, Dave.


You may want to tweak Apache’s MaxClients… I believe it’s set to 150 by default, but that would cause it to launch way more processes than your system has RAM to support. I’d lower that a lot, probably to some value well under 50, and that should help. You can look at your process list, see how large the Apache processes are, and come up with a number that your system can handle.


Thanks, i have made the changes, we shall see how that goes. Thanks!