Server crashes on high traffic

Regarding @Gomez_Adams request I can’t provide logs as the servers from the presented situation have been decommissioned.
The server where I saw the webmin processes is a DNS only server, the only servers still left with webmin.

@Joe It would have been really interesting to have seen that reply a while back on the original post, then I could do those tests and see the difference.
BTW please let me say both servers are using PHP-FPM, I don’t recall correctly if Virtualmin has it using the network layer, but on the new server it uses socks I’m sure of that. And apache with MPM Event.
About my case specifically, and if you had read my post (which was not spam at all, despite your attitude towards it that I found most offensive, as I didn’t come here trashing Virtualmin, I came here to share a situation I was experiencing) there were two situations.
There was the situation of DB performance, and also there was the question of script execution and page rendering, that also got a huge bump in performance when I changed the server serving the web files.

Both servers, the webmin and the non-webmin have 2CPU and 4GB RAM. this serves both the DB server and the file server.

Then that wouldn’t apply to me at all. I’ve got 8 gigs of memory and a 3.8ghz 4 core Intel in the T140.

That’s unfortunate. If you do that sort of thing it would be great to keep those records not only for folks to learn from but for possible fixes and investigation as to cause.

Indeed its unfortunate. The thing is the time that has passed between when I first came here and post about it and now is roughly around 2 months. If someone had manifest such interest before (which was also why I came here and made that topic) we’d be completely available to work through that.

But instead the topic had ZERO replies, was automatically closed after one month, and when mentioned about it I was accused of spam and other non-sense.
And that, I’d say, is much more unfortunate than not having those machines after two months.

@maverick, I’m sorry my comments have upset you. I didn’t intend to start a feud, I was just annoyed you were advertising competitor’s products with baseless claims about Virtualmin causing database performance issues.

Can we please stay on topic for this thread?

Joe ofc. I didn’t mean to advertise a competitor, I meant to inform what alternative solution I tried for testing. And that one because its pretty vanilla and uses 20MB of memory, very well suited for such kind of AB Tests imo. that was all.

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