server alias pointing to 'default site for ip' in stead of pointing to correct server


often, when I build a website and the domain is still pointing to the ‘old’ webserver somewhere, I use the option to setup the server with the (future) domain name and set it up as the default server for an ip. That way, by just typing in the ip I can see and work on the site.

So, I used for the new ‘Heineken Café’ website. Works fine.

However, something weird has happened:

This website: is the ‘main’ domain and has a few aliases pointing to it, for example:, and

Somehow, they now all show my Heineken Café website…

This only happens with aliases. Sites, that have as a ‘parent virtual server’ work fine.

The crazy thing is, other servers on the same ip have aliases as well, and they all work as they should do. The only problem is the aliases of

How do I solve this?