Server administrator permissions

Is it possible to have the following options on a per server administror basis:

Under Server administrator permissions:
Allow logins to Usermin as mailboxes? YES|NO
Can see mailbox and virtual server passwords? YES|NO

Under Extra modules available to server administrators:
Read User Mail (users’ mailboxes) YES|NO

Currently I can only set them system wide. I’d like to be able to have the ability to set them up on a per virtual server or per server administrator (and additional server administrator) basis. When adding Extra Administrators, Perhaps the ability to select which “Other Webmin modules” would be a good idea?

Example Usage:

A Company has an IT Manager who will manage the web site and email accounts. The Account owner (CEO of the company) wants to give his IT Manager an administrator account with the ability to edit/add users, but not allow the IT Manager to see existing password or read user mail. However, the CEO wants retian those capabilities in his master administrator account.<br><br>Post edited by: tuaris, at: 2009/05/01 12:07