Separate website and mail

Hi all
I’m planning to split web server and mail server (using VirtualMin GPL) into two different servers (different locations).

I need this in order to balance server load and for having a chance to easily move webserver to different location without have to move email too.
This is my first experience about splitting services in different machines.

What is your opinion about my plan?

Can it be easily implemented using VirtualMin?

Do you think that is possible implement a subdomain for webmail (like in the email server using RoundCube?

Thank you very much!

Any suggestion, pros, cons, please? :slight_smile:


While it is possible to separate some services onto another server (SpamAssassin, ClamAV, MySQL) – email isn’t one of them. There isn’t a built-in way to solve that, Virtualmin expects that all to reside on one server.

The only way to accomplish it would be to setup two separate Virtualmin servers, add your domain to each of them, and have the one setup using just the web related features, and setup the other with the email related features.

You’d have to maintain both separately, but it would probably work.


Yes, I mean two separate Virtualmin instances on two separate servers…

However, in the email server I have to create a domain with the same parameters of the web server domain and leave /home/mydomain/ untouched, right?

Maybe using Postfix Admin may help?