Separate virtual hosts conf file

Hi guys,

Is it possible to make virtual host conf files to be separate because httpd.conf file become really large… I’m using virtualmin Virtualmin 5.01.gpl on CentOS Linux 6.7, Webmin 1.791. Is it possible to set the directory for all accounts to be home directory of account.

Thank you!

See if you can enable separate conf files [per Joe] by clicking through:
Webmin | Servers | Apache Webserver | Module Config (at top of page on left side depending on your theme).

You should then be in Virtualmin’s Configurable Options for managing Apache (NOT Configure Apache Modules) and you’ll see several preferences for combined vs separate conf files!

I’m not sure what will happen if you switch after you’ve already created a number of virtual servers. Good luck!

Thanks for the answer… I found the place for this option… it was helpful but as complement to Austins answer also you should not forget to add that custom directory path to httpd.conf file to include its *.conf files in apache/nginx webserver; because they are not being automatically included from virtualmin.

for example:

IncludeOptional .../your_domains_custom_dir/*.conf ==>> should be manually added to /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf for apache webservers
include .../your_domains_custom_dir/*.conf; ==>> should be manually added to /etc/nginx/nginx.conf for nginx webservers

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