Separate Mod_fcgid settings for one domain

I’m have an application that needs to run for a long time and create more than the default 2 processes.

I’ve made a separate template and under Apache website, I added the following directive:

IdleTimeout 3600 ProcessLifeTime 7200 MaxProcessCount 1000 DefaultMinClassProcessCount 3 DefaultMaxClassProcessCount 100 IPCConnectTimeout 8 IPCCommTimeout 600 BusyTimeout 3600

the default /etc/httpd/conf.d/fcgid.conf looks like this:

AddHandler fcgid-script fcg fcgi fpl IPCConnectTimeout 20 DefaultMaxClassProcessCount 2 MaxProcessCount 100 MaxRequestsPerProcess 500 Even though I've set the account to the new template and applied changes in apache, I still see these warnings in my logs indicating that the DefaultMaxClassProcessCount process limit is being reached:

[Fri Apr 08 12:04:12 2011] [notice] mod_fcgid: too much /home/directory/public_html/index.php process(current:2, max:2), skip the spawn request

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Is there a way to specify different settings for fast cgi on one virtual host?