Separate Apache / MySQL instace

I was hoping to find some information about the possibility within Virtualmin to have separate Apache and MySQL instances for any given domain. All I could really find was posted here which said
Joe mentioned possibly writing a tutorial on how to run one domain on a separate instance of Apache- maybe that’s part of the answer, I don’t know.

I realize it is slower and more resource intensive however I am pretty interested in creating a completely jailed environment. Is there any more information? Joe?



Hi Chris,

I’m sure it can be done, but it’d probably require some manual setup (that is, I don’t know how you’d do it all fully within Virtualmin).

Probably what you’d do is setup a VirtualHost for the domain in question – and then setup a Proxy/ReverseProxy that passes requests to that particular domain to your secondary Apache instance.

And then what you’d need to do is launch a second Apache instance on an alternate port – and create an init script that launches it during bootup.


I’d recommend you post your feedback at:

I created this a few days ago in an effort to bring together a collective interest in a “service-level” clustering concept which would allow for a setup like this:

Virtualmin Manager
Web Nodes
- Apache
- Perl/CGI
- Ruby
- Python
MySQL Nodes Mail Nodes
- Webmail
- Spam Filter
- Virus Filtering
Storage Nodes
- Storage
- Backups
- Etc.

*** Naturally there could be further separation than listed above, but that’s just to give you an idea. ***

The idea behind this design is to have Virtualmin at the top of the architecture, handle all management (Manager) of accounts through a central control panel.

The rest of the cluster would be designed a way which allows for scaling to almost unlimited capacity by grouping nodes to handle a smaller amount of tasks (ie: Web, Mail, MySQL, etc)

If you like this kind of design, please post your comments in my original thread, and refer others so we can keep the topic fresh, and full of useful ideas.

The ultimate goal is to rally enough user responses as to make this a priority for the development team, and also put forth useful ideas on how to implement such an offering as to build a roadmap for development.

I believe my original few posts outlines a good starting point, however I believe that others can either build on the idea or at the very least support the idea.


That’s a great idea especially where scalability is concerned, however, concerning my original question, my interest is for a single box with Apache and MySQL jailed for higher security purposes. If there was an intention to write a tutorial for how to do this, I’d love to read it.


Well, the design I’m actually going for would allow for VPS units (or physical machines) to act as a “node” which is probably going to be better than a simple “jailed” environment.

Since the wide spread popularity of VPS technology, jailed environments are becoming less useful, as VPS technology like OpenVZ (which is FREE) isolate resources for you.

Just my thoughts however.