Sent mail detected as junk?


I’ve successfully set up an email account in Virtualmin and can send and receive from Thuderbird OK.
However, I sent a few messages to my hotmail account to test it out and they all get marked as spam straight away.

Is there anything I can do to stop this as I’m worried some of my messages might not be getting through to their intended recipients.

Any advice appreciated.


There’s a lot of potential things that could cause that… as hunch though, before we get too involved – log into your server over SSH, and run “sa-update”. Then see if things work a bit better :slight_smile:

If not, you’ll want to post the X-Spam-Status email header into here so that we can see what’s causing it to get marked as spam.




I ran sa-update and nothing happened (although I think I ran it quite recently)

The X-Spam status is as follows:

X-Spam-Level: **
X-Spam-Status: No, score=2.2 required=5.0 tests=RCVD_IN_PBL,RCVD_IN_SORBS_DUL,
RDNS_DYNAMIC autolearn=no version=3.2.5

There was a SpamAssassin bug on some distros that had it ship out with a rule that could cause problems. Once you run sa-update, that should fix the rule.

Are you still seeing the problem with email being put into the junk/spam folder?

According to the X-Spam-Status header above, SpamAssassin isn’t marking the message as spam.

Is it possible it’s Thunderbird marking it as junk? Also, are there any custom procmail rules setup on your server that might mark certain messages as spam?