Sendmail + Procmail = Maildir ?

I just upgraded recently from GPL to Pro, and am finding myself in a difficult bind. Virtualmin keeps re-writing my /etc/procmailrc file which is setup to use Maildir storage, instead of Mbox storage.

Unfortunately when it re-writes the file, because I’ve selected Sendmail as my MTA instead of something like Qmail or Postfix, it defaults the mail file to /var/spool/mail/<user> , which is something I don’t want, because I’ve specifically setup Dovecot to use Maildir only. Mbox is too flaky and problematic, and while I attempted to setup Postfix, I don’t see any easy way of converting my already created domains and users on the system into Postfix’s configuration.

Is there anyway to either A) import things into Postfix, or B) turn off the procmailrc re-writing part of VM, so I can rest-assured my customers won’t be e-mailing me left and right about not receiving e-mail?


I’ll ask Jamie to chime in on this one, as I’m sure there’s a way to convince Virtualmin to use Maildir for sendmail, I’m just not seeing it at the moment.

So the problem here is that Sendmail doesn’t (as far as I know) natively support delivery to Maildir directories, so Webmin doesn’t have an option for this mode. However, as you point out this can be achieved by Procmail, so it makes sense for this to be possible.

In the next Webmin/Virtualmin release, I will add an option on the Module Config page of the Sendmail module to tell Webmin that Maildir is being used. This will then cause /etc/procmailrc to be generated correctly.

Until then, the work-around is to edit the file virtual-server/ under the Webmin root directory, and at line 1700 in the get_mail_style function insert the following line :

return (undef, 0, undef, "Maildir");

Oh, and then run the command :


Joe & Jaime,

Thanks for the replies and help! It’s much appreciated, and I look forward to the fix. I absolutely love Virtualmin, it just plain rocks. =D

A side-note question… will there be any problems with Mailman because the system isn’t using Postfix? I noticed that VM likes to use Postfix by default, and I had noted the freely available Mailman mailing list module on the webmin site, but it also noted requiring Postfix to be setup, in order to work properly.

I ask, because my end goal is to drop Plesk as a CP option altogether, and the only thing that was holding me back from doing so was the Mailing list option not available in the GPL version of VM (hence my purchase of Pro).


Virtualmin’s Mailman plugin will work fine with Sendmail - it makes use of the support for Sendmail in Virtualmin itself to create the needed aliases. Just make sure that on the configuration page for the plugin, the ‘List alias creation mode’ is set to ‘Add normal virtusers’.