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Hi, could someone point me in the right direction please?. I’m trying to send to an email list of 25k emails and it seems that SMTP is not allowing it. Does anyone know if I can adjust it to be able to send, and if so, please advice how to. Thanks in advance.

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You have to include a few lines of relevant entries in the maillog. And, your operating system and version. “It doesn’t work” is not going to help us troubleshoot this.


Hi there,
As Joe mentioned, without more info its pretty hard to resolve this issue.

However, when sending out emails to a list of that size (I’m assuming its to a public audience), you need to also ensure that your email domain/server is properly verified for mass mailing, otherwise you will quickly be blacklisted (in which case you have a bigger problem if the mail server is used for other email domains).

We had exactly this problem, with our email newsletters being marked as spam by Gmail etc.
At the very least, along with sorting out the technical issues mentioned, make sure that:
Relaying is disabled
DMARC policy is set up
Quarantine policy is in place
DNS records are published
DKIM records are published
SPF records are published

It took us a while to get everything working right, but once it was done, we never had issues of spam, blacklisting etc. I know that many Virtualmin users are already aware of this, but I posted this for those that might not have thought about these extended issues.

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