sending newsletter

as i wanted to use the email system of usermin/virtualmin, I was wondering how and where I can import my suscribers so I can send out my newsletters.

I’m using VM pro but haven’t found any option to do so.

thank you

Howdy Ronald,

Well, that depends on whether this is a two-way mailing list (i.e. one that all subscribers can respond to and discuss topics with each other), or just a simple mail list that you blast a message out to periodically. For the former, Virtualmin supports the creation and management of the Mailman mailing list manager. For the latter, you’ll want to try PHPList. It’s included in the Install Scripts interface, so should be simple to install.

It is documented on the PHPList home page, at

Holler if you run into any trouble getting things spinning. I’ve never actually used PHPList, beyond a test install or two, but it came highly recommended from a few customers who use it for their newsletters.

ah I thought I could use Usermin for this.
Running the first newsletter through phplist now, let’s see how it goes.

Joomla’s component created a 60GB error log last weekend disabling 40% of the server :confused: so I have to try something else…