Sending logs to the remote syslog server

Is there any special way for the Virtualmin to send logs to the remote syslog server or I can do it as for a regular CentOS install?



Doing that is just a matter of configuring Syslog to send some or all messages to a remote server.

You can do that by manually editing the Syslog config, or you can go into Webmin -> System -> System Logs -> Add System Log, and there you can specify a remote server to send the logs to.


I have added new system log as Syslog server on (is on same local network) and set ALL messages to be sent. Went to syslog server and there are no logs reported from Webmin server.

Any clue?


Did you restart the syslog daemon?

Also, is rsyslogd listening on UDP port 514 on all IPs on the syslog server?

I have set

$AllowedSender UDP,,
$AllowedSender TCP,,

and I’m getting logs from other devices like firewall but not from Virtualmin (same subnet)

Well, I have clicked on the start syslog server button but it doesn’t say nothing if it started or not.

It looks like it needs to restart rsyslog service from the console (Webmin button is not doing that).