SELinux + Virtulmin + Webmin + Usermin

I have a dedicated servers at a well known provider. Each server will mimic my test server and I will copy it’s entire server configuration to all servers. Before testing and implementation, I have read the entire NSA Guide for RHEL:

Now after reading this well documented tutorial, I have noticed some issues that I have with current default set ups of virtulmin:

  1. VirtualMin creates public_html directories in each respective user directories for each “account,” this requires a permission of “apache:apache” for the entire directory. Statical information for awstat is useful for me, the admin, as well as the client - I want to keep that.
  2. SELinux is very user driven, I want to ensure that Apache has the ability to read and write to the installed CMS software installed. What is the suggested settings to circumvent any errors with CMS installs as well as day-to-day operations such as adding modules/extensions?

Also, by implementing SELinux what are the expected issues I can expect when I install Virtualmin, Usermin, and Webmin?


Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much testing of Virtualmin alongside SELinux.

The installation process actually disables SELinux, as there are some known compatibility problems there.

Though, at this point – it’s been so long that I no longer recall what those are :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in running your server with SELinux, you’d probably need to do some testing and troubleshooting to figure out what the problem areas are, as well as how to resolve them.

Some may end up being difficult to resolve though :slight_smile:


Well, in any case I am going to try it out and I will post my findings as I move along. Thanks for the comment!

Hi paulhend, have you implemented SELinux and what are your results?

Using Virtualmin without SELinux is really bad idea and I would like to create resolution of SElinux problems.