Seeing Wrong Web Site

I have Ubuntu Server 9.04. I have webmin and Virtualmin Pro installed.

I need to host multiple domains. Virtualmin wants to create new servers under the /home directory.

I need to have all of my domains created on the network drive located at /media/disk/public_html

I can make it work by manually adding the network drive as the document source under Virtual Server Options/Automatic Virtual Hosts. But this is not practical for fifty domains plus the installer still installs new programs in the /home/domain directory.

How do I configure Virtualmin Pro to create new servers at /media/disk/public_html and the installer to work there as well?


To change the homedir, look in System Settings -> Module Config -> Defaults for new domain

That worked. The new server was created on the network drive under /media/disk/public_html but the web page does not display


Well, a couple of thoughts. First, Virtualmin’s installer doesn’t officially support Ubuntu 9.04 – only the 8.04 LTS release.

So not everything is necessarily configured correctly, and you won’t benefit from Virtualmin’s software repository.

That said, it all can work :slight_smile:

When you say the web page doesn’t display – what happens exactly? Are you seeing an error? Does some other site display in it’s place?

You might want to check out the section titled “The wrong website shows up” here: