security help

Hi, have searched forums but still having no joy, I can’t get rkhunter or mod-security to install using webmin running Centos 6.5 can anyone help please.

“Doesn’t work” is not an error descriptipn. :wink: What happens when you try it? What error messages do you get? What’s the exact issue?

ok got rkhunter installed but modsecurity just keeps coming up with not a compatible gzp or rpm


If you’re receiving an error stating that there is a problem with the RPM archive, that may mean that the file is corrupted.

You may want to try downloading the mod_security RPM again, and then re-attempt the installation.

You can also try the installation from the command line, using something like:

rpm -ivh file.rpm

If you try that from the command line for mod_security, let us know the error that you receive if it doesn’t work.