Securely install phpmyadmin - on Centos6.2 vmin


I have read through this forum and found a bunch of conflicting information on this so i figured i would ask…

I think I found that the hole in one of my servers apparently is phpmyadmin in its default install state. (as virtualmin installs it) - ( logs show constant attack on the phpmyadmin folder/ files… )

What do i need to do to make this secure? (for now i uninstalled the phpmyadmin package completely but need it to backup db’s asap)

Step by step would be fantastic…

Thanks in advance.



It’s not uncommon to have bots and other attackers looking at various apps you have installed, searching for any vulnerabilities.

My recommendation is simply to make sure that you keep any apps you have installed up to date… anytime a new version is available, you’d want to install it.

However, I’m not aware of anything insecure in a default Virtualmin-installed phpMyAdmin setup.


Hmm… thanks for the heads up…

There are so many posts about having phpmyadmin in ssl i was concerned after seeing the logs…