Secondary Mail Server - poss 3.65 bug?

Hi all, I am running Centos 5 and Virtualmin Pro 3.65, recently upgraded from 3.64

When I create a new virtual server, the setup hangs at "Setting up secondary mail servers"

I get this

209.20.x.x : virtual-server::setup_secondary_mx failed : Failed to lock file /etc/postfix/virtual after 5 minutes at …/ line 1010.

Secondary mail server is working fine. However when I select ‘Addresses and Networking > Secondary Mail Servers > Save, and add existing domains to new secondaries’ - this has no effect and does not add the records to DNS.

I have tried deleting 0 byte .lock files from /etc. I’ve restarted webmain, postfix to no avail.

Any ideas?

Regards Steven<br><br>Post edited by: steven, at: 2009/02/03 12:01

Hey there Steven,

So, if you were to log in over SSH, and type:

ls -a /etc/postfix/

Do any .lock files show up in there (I know you said you deleted them from /etc/, just trying to verify /etc/postfix as well :wink:

If so, what I’d recommend is:

  • Stop Webmin (/etc/init.d/webmin stop)
  • Remove the .lock file in /etc/postfix
  • Restart Webmin (/etc/init.d/webmin start)

Does that by chance do the trick?

Hi Andrey

Yes, there was a virtual.lock file on both systems which I have deleted.

Another .lock file - bcc.lock on the other system (which is the secondary mail server) was also removed.

Having done this appears to have fixed the issues.

Thank you so much!