second IP to use for sending email

Hi People.

Further to another post where an IP on one of my servers has been blacklisted (cause has been resolved).

Just to recap. One of my client’s local exchange server got compromised. Leads of spam was sent via their server through my server.

My server has just one IP number allocated to it at the moment. If I get another IP allocated, can I easily change the IP number that email is sent from or is there another, better way ?

I figure that another IP number would resolve the blacklisting problem while I get the original IP number unlisted.

CentOS Linux 5.4
Webmin 1.490
Virtualmin 3.75 Pro

Thanks for reading,


Hi Tim,

If you wish to use another IP, it sounds like you may want to tinker with these:

I believe you’ll be able to use the smtp_bind_address as a parameter in your file in order to specify which IP address should be used to send outgoing emails.


Thanks for taking the time and trouble Eric,

I have had a read and a look around and with my limited knowledge I feel there is way too much risk of me messing it up.

Guess I will have to suffer for a little longer. I have mostly got off the blacklists and only Yahoo/BT remain.