Second IP Address Headache

I’m totally confused here, I have had two IP addresses since I set my server up like two years ago.

Main primary IP address works fine, have been using this for years, and I have also used the second IP address for as long with one website.

Now I have just added a new virtual server to this second IP address and for the life of me it is not working, it keeps directing me to a page i setup when the directory is empty.

Now DNS points to the correct IP address, and the correct IP address is in Apache, there are files in the home folder for this virtual server, so it should all just work, but I isn’t. :S

There is nothing in the log files for the virtual server I am trying to get on, but i can see my visits on my master domain name (the page it redirects to when visiting).

I’m totally lost in where to check. I have even tried deleting the server and trying again to no avail.

Compared DNS settings and Apache virtual host files against the working website and they are both fine.

It’s as if something isn’t seeing the new website?

You may be encountering what I was on if your server is Debian 8. Open the vhost manually on the shell and see if the broken site has “Virtualhost *:80” in the raw vhost. Change the * to the real IP. Virtualmin should not be setting it to a *.