Search forums working?

Putting "clamd-wrapper" into the forum search box returns no results and kicks me back to:

Needless to say, hard to find answers.

Intersting, searching for "the forums are not working" (with out quotes) returns results.

Weird. Searching for clamd works, as does clamd wrap…but "wrapper" always fails. Stupid Google. Or maybe stupid SEO redirects in Joomla, I can never tell…I guess the latter is more likely than Google being stupid. :wink:

What do you want with clamd-wrapper? It’s a useless dummy file. You don’t want it for anything. Let Virtualmin setup clamd for you…it’ll create a clamd.virtualmin file and it should actually work.

Hey Joe…

This started out as looking to see how clamd was running to “be the most efficient”. Brand new non GPL install (I played with GPL for several days) and I don’t see a way to enable:

That’s an old post, but I recall seeing these options in GPL version. You mention this being a clamd dummy file, but I don’t see clamd running at all.