Script Installers Mass Update


is there any current way, or future planned way of doing a mass updated of scripts installed in multiple virtual domains? If, for instance, a security bug is discovered in wordpress it would be nice to be able to roll out an update in one hit.



Hi Lauch,

I agree. There are some issues that would need to be dealt with, however…like the fact that a lot of scripts do not provide clean and simple upgrades. It would be pretty easy to end up with mass-breakage.

That said, adding the capability to the current update mechanism would probably be pretty easy. Since we don’t currently deal with the “upgrade problem” if the script authors don’t take care of it, it wouldn’t really cause any more trouble than the current single domain installer. In short, it’s already a problem, but it’s a problem that would be dealt with one domain at a time. No harm in breaking them all at once, I guess. And, if we’re lucky, script authors will try to make scripts that upgrade easily. :wink:

Anyway, I’ll open a wish issue in the bug tracker, and we’ll let Jamie think on it.

I thought I had seen this on the demo server, but now can’t find it. Has this wish been granted?


Yes, this was implemented ages ago. :wink:

And, it’s generally smart enough not to cause mass breakage. The best applications (Wordpress, Drupal, etc.) are absolutely flawless on upgrades, and I’ve been using it on our various installs of them for ages. I’ve heard very few problem reports of other apps, but I know that some apps are pretty clunky about upgrades.

It can be found in System Settings->Script Installers, and then click on the "Upgrade Scripts" tab.