Script Installer Versions and other

Couple of questions… I’m looking at upgrading to Virtualmin Pro, but I wanted to see that the script installers are up to date. In looking here:,virtualmin_script_installers/

they are far from it… Is there an actual updated list, and do you define an SLA for keeping them up to date?

Also, if I upgrade to Pro, can I also keep some GPL domains? i.e. if I get a 10 license, I’d like to have 10 domains with the Pro functionality, and extra domains (such as those I’m just playing around with) that only have the functionality of GPL? If not, I’d like to suggest that as a future enhancement.


I’m looking at upgrading to Virtualmin Pro, but I wanted to see that the script installers are up to date. In looking here:

Well, it would seem you’ve noticed a bug that none of us have picked up on :slight_smile:

The current list of install scripts is actually here:

But, even that current list has the incorrect version numbers listed in there, they’re apparently not being updated correctly.

That doesn’t reflect what actually is in Virtualmin :slight_smile:

As I look in Virtualmin now, WordPress is at 3.3.1, Joomla at 2.5.3, Drupal is 7.12… if there’s any others you’d like to know, feel free to ask.

But we’ll need to fix the script that exports that Install Script list and publishes it into the documentation here, it’s apparently malfunctioning. Thanks for the heads up!

Is there an SLA? No, it’s “best effort”.

However, we certainly don’t want you to get stuck with an app that has a security vulnerability, and we’d love it if you wanted to renew your Virtualmin license next year. That is, we want you to be happy :slight_smile:

Newer software versions typically become available in Virtualmin within a few days of that software being released.

There’s been a handful of cases over the years where a serious vulnerability appeared in a particular web app, where even a “few days” may have been too much. In cases like that, customers have notified us of the severity of the problem via a Support Request, and Jamie pushed out a new Install Script version quicker than normal.

if I upgrade to Pro, can I also keep some GPL domains?

Unfortunately not, sorry!

The issue there is that there’s more functionality to Virtualmin Pro than the install scripts.

Having a GPL-only domain would indeed make it so that a given domain can’t use Install Scripts, but the remainder of Virtualmin Pro’s features would still be active. That is, that GPL domain would still be benefiting from being on a Virtualmin Pro server.

If you’re interested in having some Virtualmin GPL domains, the best way to do that would be with a separate server.

If you have any other questions, feel free to let us know!


Hey, thanks Eric! That makes me feel a lot better! Even those versions are much closer to recent :slight_smile:

The others I’m interested in are Redmine, Zenphoto, and Zencart.

I’m glad these are all kept up to date. I’ve been a Linux Admin for almost 14 years now, but really don’t have time to “tinker” with things much for my personal servers.

Yeah, I was hoping maybe it could separate out the Pro vs GPL features per domain, but I realized after I submitted that there are likely system wide features as well. Might just have to shell out the extra $50 to have the extra domains to play with.

Thanks for the quick response!



The others I’m interested in are Redmine, Zenphoto, and Zencart

Well, let’s see here.

ZenPhoto is at, and ZenCart is 1.3.9h.

I see ZenCart has a newer version that Jamie hadn’t noticed (1.5) – I’m going to shoot him an email about that now… so 1.5 should be available within the next few days!

Jamie has automated tools to notify him about new versions, so that he can add it into the Install Scripts… but every once in awhile a release manages to evade his tools (such as a new branch). If you don’t see an update to an Install Script you have installed within a few days, you’re certainly welcome to file a support request and he’ll push out that new version.

Redmine is an interesting one though :slight_smile:

It is a user contributed Install Script, and we’ve unfortunately had nothing but problems with it… not because the user who built it did anything wrong, they did an awesome job, and it’s a great script. But the problem we’re seeing is that because Redmine is such as fast moving target, the dependencies for Redmine aren’t able to be kept up to date using packages available on a given distribution.

So I honestly wouldn’t recommend using that particular script, and we’ve been considering removing it, just because of the number of problems that come up with it.

I actually doubt we’d remove it, but we might move it to a third party contributed or some other gallery that suggests that support for it is more shaky :slight_smile:

If you have any other questions though, feel free to let me know!