Script Installer Request-->admin username reminder


Just a thought, but I was installing a script on my server (in this case joomla), and after it installed correctly, I go to administer it, and then I wonder: Gee, what’s the admin login?

Now, I am thrilled that virtualmin sets this to my admin username and password, and I think that is the way it should be.

However, it might be nice to have a reminder echo in the install script, for the less-sophisticated users who might not try this, since there is no indication of what it’s set to. Other control panels often allow you to set both items (which I don’t think is necessary here), so that further confuses the issue: “Did I miss a step?”

Of course, we wouldn’t echo the password, but an admin username reminder would go a long way to that whole panic, and if I mis-type my password the first time and it doesn’t work, the 5 minutes of flailing trying root/admin and whatever else…

Just a thought for an incremental improvement to the process.


Will Sargent


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Hmmm…I agree whole-heartedly, but I thought we were already doing this. But maybe all of the installers haven’t been updated yet. I’ll try to do a run through to make sure all of them report the username when the install completes.

I second the request, I’m often left trying to figure this out as well.


I have updated to Pro, but I miss Script Installers in left menu?
What’s wrong?
I have installed from command prompt, and after trying to do update from web interface it complain about missing virtualmin.repo, but it’s at /etc/yum.repos.d/
I am confused

If you’re using Virtualmin Pro, and you log into Virtualmin as the user “root”, you should see an option on the left, near the top, named “Install Scripts” – though that option will be available only after you’ve added a Virtual Server for your system.