Script installer path change...

I decided to write this cause it is pretty common in my case: some clients install scripts to a test subdirectory, and when they are done playing with it and decide to keep it, they just manually move the stuff to their root public_html folder or somewhere else, doesn’t matter.
Point is, this breaks script upgrading from Virtualmin.
How can I tell Virtualmin that the path of the installed script has changed?

you can do that here: /etc/webmin/virtual-server/scriptlog

but you need a way to indentify the virtual server with the numbered folders… :confused: as each virtual server is handled by a long number instead of its name

thank you. since i have the luck of having only a few installs (for now) i could tweak those files by hand.
however i will open a feature request in the bug tracker to add an option for admins / domain owners to change the path for the case that files get moved.

Good one!

Or I can think of a situation where customers don’t know about the script installer and manually install one of the products that are available through the script installer.

It would be nice if we could say to Virtualmin: in this directory is this script installed with this version so people would be able to use the script update option after that…