Script Installer Notification Email Template?

Hi there!
I have this annoying thing where my clients get the script upgrade notifications via email, but that email contains a generated Virtualmin URL which is no good since it uses the client’s domain for virtualmin access, whereas i would like the email to show the actuall virtualmin domain, to avoid SSL errors in web browsers etc. However, I was unable to find a way to edit the notification email. Am I missing something or is it just not possible?


You can edit the notification email by going into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Mail for Domain.


Hi Eric,
on that page I can just edit the Email message to send upon server creation template, but I am talking about the script upgrade notification email for the script installers.
The mails start like this: The following scripts managed by Virtualmin have new versions available, in the
virtual server…
and end like this: Upgrades can be done in Virtualmin, on the page :