Script install - Drupal

I seem to be having a problem with getting scripts to install and run. I was able to get Drupal 4.6 to install and work with CentOS 3.5 however after doing clean installs of Fedora Core 4 and CentOS 4.1 I installed Drupal 4.6 and now when I go to the page to look at the first screen all I see is a white screen. Anyone got any ideas as to what is wrong?


Hey Mike,

I have a strong suspicion that the problem is that Drupal doesn’t run under PHP5, and the auto-selection of PHP4/PHP5 is not available in EA1. Fedora 4 doesn’t include PHP4. EA2 will have both PHP4 and PHP5 for all supported systems, and each script will be able to run under whichever PHP version is best suited for it.

In the meantime, I’ll upload the PHP4 packages for FC4 today, and come up with some brief docs on how to switch over to PHP4 for all scripts–which should work for all current scripts in the Script Installer.

Thanks Joe,

I eagerly anticipate the PHP4/PHP5 setup for Fedora Core 4!

Hey Mike,

I just added the php4 packages for Fedora Core 4 to the repository… You should be able to install them using yum:

yum install php4 php4-mysql php4-pgsql

I think that will get all the deps you really need for Drupal. Be forewarned that the packages are mostly untested at the moment. I’ll be adding the FastCGI and version selection code in the next release this weekend. You may want to wait until then, as it will all at least be more likely to work! :wink:

Thanks Joe,

I did download the PHP4 stuff but I guess I’ll have to wait till the next release to get this to work. I know you can configure Apache to use one or another version of PHP when acting on a given directory or a default version when a given one is not setup but I don’t know if this is how you are going to do this or not and I might end up blowing the whole thing away to install EA2 so at this point it’s not worth fooling with it. I look forward to EA2 and the promise of greatness :slight_smile: