Script for change all virtual server fcgi to CGI (VP)

I’m looking for any script or command line API for change all virtual server from mod fcgi to CGI warpper.

I’m tired with a lot of problems with fcgid.

Any script o API?


here are docs for the api…,command_line_api/

can’t imagine why fcgid would be troublesome though.

Memory, timeouts, errors 500., load average… a lot of problems…

Thanks for link. New virtualmin interface don’t show correct link… 404 error…

usually those errors can be fixed through editing configuration files, but I’ll assume you have done so already.

Careful, the above link is to the old site; this URL points to the new site:,command_line_api/

Also, where is the link that is causing a 404? We can fix that :slight_smile:



Just try to looking for page with bad link but not get.


this one, following the links on the homepage - documentation - developer
none of the links are working…