Scheduled Backup problem - Too many connections


I have 5 virtual servers and 15~ alias domains total in my server… Getting this error on Scheduled Backup:

Uploading archive to FTP server …
… upload failed! initial connection failed : Too many connections (1) from this IP

1 or sometimes 2 of backups gives this error. What should i do?
( IF need more details, just write here what need, i will give all details)

Thanks for your time


Well, it sounds as if your FTP Server is saying it’s limited to a certain amount of connections, and apparently the backup process uses more than that.

Can you configure your FTP server to allow more connections from your Virtualmin server?


probably i cant… its hosting’s premium service but i am just ftp user, not managing that server for myself. its just internal backup :S


Hmm… reading the error a little closer, it says “Too many connections (1) from this IP”.

It sounds like they’re not even allowing you to have one connection from your IP.

You may need to ask your provider about that error, and why they might be preventing your IP address from making any connections.


I dont get error on first 5-6 connection so probably there is limit for connection per second. I will ask to my provider too but it makes sense if they put a connection limit to be honest.

uhm… this is interesting. I opened a ticket to my server company after your suggest and they saying they increased connection per IP:

increased max connection limits on all backupnodes to 2.

I will update this forum topic if problem resume. I love this company seriously ^^