schedule backups

I have set virtualmin to backup all virtual servers to amazon S3, one weekly full backup and a daily incremental backup.

Everything works fine, folders are created as I instructed virtualmin to do however I wanted that each virtual server had its own folder.

Currently all virtual servers are backed up to the same folder like “mybucket/backups/08September14/” and I want to do this: “mybucket/backups/08September14/virtualservername/”

How can I achieve this? Do I have to schedule each virtual server individually assigning a specific folder or can this be done automatically?

Thank You!


Backup format> One file per server
Each virtual server is backed up into its own separate file, in the directory specified by the Backup destination

Yes, that is what I do however it doesn’t create one directory per virtual server.
Let say I have 3 virtual servers, what I want is to store the files from each server in different directories, like this:

Instead virtualmin stores all files into the same folder.

Is there a wildcard like we do for dates (%d, %m, %Y) but for creating a folder according to each virtual server?


Virtualmin creates one file per Virtual Server for the backup process – but it does put them all into the same directory.

In most cases, what folks do is put all backups into directories based on the time/day that they were taken, not based on the domain name.

If you’d prefer having a directory for each domain, what you may need to do is create a separate backup schedule for each Virtual Server on your system. That could get unwieldy if you have a lot of them, but if you only have a few that might not be too bad.


Ok, thanks!

It would be nice to have that option in virtual servers backups, besides time and date also do a substitution on folder name based on virtual server name :slight_smile:

I’ve been successfully using scheduled DAILY backups to AWS for quite a while, I’ve just cloned the schedule and created weekly and monthly scheduled backups so these currently go to the same bucket as the daily, will the backups be labelled with different names to the daily ones, or will the new weekly and monthly have the same name and overwrite each other?