schedule backup: strftime-style substitutions?


I’m using the vm scheduled backup page to backup a virtual server.

I am also using Amazon S3 to upload the backup.

It’s working great, except what I really want is a daily backup of each day:



My issue is that when I use the naming type;

The tar.gz files are created, but they are corrupt and I can’t open them.

So, in closing, are these .tar.gz files or some other file type (or no file type)?


Look-a-like-a bug. I’d recommend filing a ticket, and Jamie will either explain why it’s not a bug and how to deal with it, or fix the bug and offer a workaround. :wink:

Hi Alex I ma currently using a backup script that I wrote myself. However here is a line from it that you should be able to use for daily’s.

tar -cf /backups/INCdate +%Y%m%d.tar.gz /home/%user%/ --listed-incremental=/backups/%user%.snar --preserve --absolute --gzip --verbose

where user is replaced with local users who i perform incremental backups for.

Essentially here is what you want "date +%Y%m%d.tar.gz"