Saving and restoring e-mails or mail folders for user accounts

Now that the new Virtualmin GPL install script allows you to configure the specs based on server role, one of them as a mail server. It would be nice if the backup and restore function within Virtualmin would be able to save or restore each domain user accounts e-mails or user created mail folders.

I currently am able to accomplish this using Webmin’s File system backup module, where I have created a scheduled tar backup of the root folder containing the user’s home directory. I have done this as a safe guard in case one of my user’s experience a brain fart and accidentally delete an important e-mail or mail folder.

I can’t use Virtualmin’s restore, since it does not have an option to restore an individual MAIL/FTP user’s home folder. I can’t remember which older version it was but it use to have this ability. Is this only available on Virtualmin Pro?