Save space in root /

i’ve only 3 Gb on my root partition and 18 Gb in my /home partition. What can i do to make any setting of Virtualmin and of every sub-server are installe under their own home and not in root / ?
For example could i create a symbolink link from /var/lib/mysql to /home/mysql_db, or is there any other option to set in Virtualmin?


If you used the on a supported system, the default setting would make all domains to be created under /home
are domains created under /root ? or am I misunderstanding your post completely?

i used, and all domain are under /home. i’m just asking if i can save more space under root.


The only way I know is to remove any programs you don’t need to free up space.

Another way is to use Gparted to resize your partitions. Not sure this is what you want though

I think you’ve covered the obvious stuff. Databases are the only other big space user in a Virtualmin system, after mail and website data.