SASL PLAIN authentication failed


I just tried the above user/password at the Squirrelmail and i get the error “ERROR:Unknown user or password incorrect.”. So, you are correct the authentication info for this user is NOT working as expected.


I’m not sure I have a really clear picture of your setup there.

However, a typical Virtualmin setup would have saslauthd, dovecot, and friends authenticate against users found in the /etc/passwd file.

So when adding a user, Virtualmin just adds them to /etc/passwd.

Or you could add a new user from the command line using useradd.

It’s certainly possible to use an alternate file to authenticate against, and it sounds like that may be what you’re trying to do with saslpasswd2, but you’d have to make sure all the components involved are configured to use that new file.

If you don’t care one way or the other, the more straight forward way might be to use system users – and for those that should only have email access, just set them up with a shell such as /dev/null so that they can’t log in via SSH or FTP.