same name on multiple domains

EDIT: I found out how by going to EDIT USERS, and adding a new user.

It’s the simple stuff that I always get lost on :slight_smile:

I have multiple domains that I want to set up email for.

When I put the same name, for example joe, the second domain says that name is taken.

I know about aliases, but I wanted to have clean email addresses for joe@whateverdomain on all the domains.

Any tricks?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks. It was pretty easy to set up, add domains, and manage.

I’ve had over 400 domains on an unlimited version of plesk for over 6 years (plus yearly fees). Non of those domains were for paying clients, so they weren’t important. I don’t want to say anything hateful, but I’ve had nothing but trouble for most of those years. Can’t imagine if I was liable for thousands of domains being down. Yesterday was the last straw.

I’ve been using Webmin to manage most of my servers for many years. Always rock-solid. For something that’s FREE, this Virtualmin can’t be beat.