same name but different suffix

Hi I have the Virtualmin installed on a server, and now I tried to create 2 almost alike virtual hosts. and

I created the first one without problems. Bu when I tried the next one, I get the

Failed to create virtual server : A MySQL user named flensburgersport already exists

I can give another DB name, and another user, but not another MySQL username.

How to work around this?

Hrm, so it sounds like you tried changing the second Virtual Server’s username from the default while creating it? Normally, I’d have expected that would get it to use a different MySQL username.

If not, you may have stumbled across a bug :slight_smile:

If you tried changing the second Virtual Server’s administrator username – you may want to file a bug report then, using the Support link above.



I’ve tried to change the second virtual serves names, even changed the template to use {DOM} instead of {PREFIX}.

Nothing worked.

I can file it as a bug. But how to work around it for now. My Customer are eager to get his doman up and running. :slight_smile:

how is the first db called? it should be flensburgersport_dk and wouldnt conflict with flensburgersport_de

I solved it this way:

  1. Created the first virtual server, but changed the username, and the database name to flensburgersportdk

  2. After creating the first virtual server I did the following EDIT Databases -> Usernames -> Change Database Username -> Change to : fbsportde (I seems that Flensburgersportde was to long a username for MySQL).

  3. Create next virtual sever and again using new names.

  4. Changed DB username as in 2).

Now It works.