Samba login with ldap users and groups on virtualmin

Hey all,

I’ve got ldap running with virtualmin.

It looks like it’s running perfectly. I was able to add users, check emails, send emails, etc.

I installed samba, and haven’t configured anything there yet. When I try to enable samba login on the ldap users and groups module, I get an error when enabling samba for the user. I get the following error:

Failed to save user : Failed to modify user in LDAP database : objectClass: value #4 invalid per syntax

Any ideas what I need to do to enable samba and ldap to work together?

I believe you need the samba.schema too.
Did you read the man pages at

Hmm, thanks. I got it working and I don’t get that error now, but it looks like making samba communicate with the ldap database is very complex. It’ll be easier just to maintain the users separately.