Safely go from Pro to GPL license on test servers

Hi, Now that the server is migrated from php/apache2 to node/nginx successfully, I am thinking of removing the pro license from test servers.
Checked on google but some different methods were suggested and sounds a bit complicated instead. Sounds a bit risky too. Like one method suggested installing virtualmin again with GPL license.

Isn’t there a way where I can just go to settings and remove license key? or what is the proper safe method to do so?


There should be a way to downgrade to GPL by using Virtualmin CLI.

doesn’t have any virtualmin CLI but instead it talks about installing again virtualmin but with GPL which will overwrite on pro version.

If that is it then I will go for it. Just thought it to be just a click on virtualmin platform to do so. Off course if it was the case it would have mentioned in document. No worries, I will go with the flow.

There is no reason to go with the flow and we haven’t upgraded docs at a time.

Using Virtualmin 7 and above, downgrade can simply be done by running:

virtualmin downgrade-licence --downgrade

Be careful, as it will completely replace Virtualmin Pro package with GPL variant, making impossible to use Pro features anymore and it will also disable all reseller accounts.

Also, there was a bug in Virtualmin 7.0.0-4 that won’t make it possible to downgrade on Ubuntu/Debian systems, until this bug is fixed on the next Virtualmin 7.0.0-5+ release.

You could manually patch file and restart Webmin manually to make it work right now.

Good to hear. Thanks for the advice. I will just go with the docs for now.

Thanks again.

The docs have be just updated.

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Awesome. On CentOS I will go with this easy way to downgrade. And on Ubuntu will do it on

Thanks again. Just great.

It had no effect on my system. After running the above command, Virtualmin 7.1 is still on Pro version.

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