safe to shutdown these services


I’m running a server that i intend to serve up 3 web sites and do nothing else (no filesystems, etc). I think I can shutdown the following services but would like to get others opinion on it.

  • mcstrans - SELinux Context Translation System Daemon - should i be running SELinux?

  • named - my DNS will be hosted by my upstream, do i need it running for services on my box?

  • netfs

  • postgresql - i don’t run any pg dbs, does web/virtualmin need it?

  • xfs - this is a headless server



Hi Joe,

SELinux is a security tool – offering another layer of security for your server. Whether or not you should run it depends on how many layers of security you feel you need. Most folks I know opt to disable it on web hosting servers.

If you’re running DNS elsewhere, you don’t need to host named locally unless you want to setup a caching DNS server to speed up queries.

As for netfs – I’m not really familiar with that :slight_smile: A quick glance on Google suggests it’s not necessary, but I’m not sure if something on your system relies on it or not.

If you don’t use any Postgres databases, there’s no need to use it.

And lastly, same for XFS – you shouldn’t need that on a server.

With DNS and Postgres, if you disable those daemons, I’d also tell Virtualmin to stop using them – in System Settings -> Features and Plugins.

Thanks! Much appreciated!