S3 Restore fails on new Centos7 server


I just installed virtualmin pro on a brand new CentOS7 server, everything went fine, no installation errors. That is until I tried to restore a backup from S3. Here the message I get:

Error - Perl execution failed

File does not exist: LWP will support https URLs if the LWP::Protocol::https module
is installed.
at S3/ListBucketResponse.pm line 26

And no, the bucket does not contain any “.” (dot), only numbers and letters. Still no joy.

Is there any way I can check if that module is indeed missing and if so any hints on how to install it?


Hi Uwe

Have you tried going to Webmin >> others >> Perl modules >> existing modules? On my CentOS7 I can see I have LWP::Protocol::https listed there. I seem to remember that was not there from day one, and I installed it via Webmin.


thanks, that did the trick