-rW- back again HA FreeBSD cluster

I am building HA FBSD cluster. I’ve found some how tos on how to build a redundant firewall or some webserver.

But I am not talking about webserver or firewall. I am talking about whole hosting system. HA cluster means for me that I will have a nearly bulletproof system.

Now it consist of 2 identical boxes. I mean hardware. One will mainly server http (Apache2) and the other one will mainly server the MySQL database.

It will be my dream - Open Source hosting. We will give a ABSOLUTELY FREE hosting to everyone who will ask for it. As I’ve said - loosers can do it for 2$/month - I am not a looser - I will do it for free. If you ask where I will get money from - I answer - support - as every GPL or BSD service - money comes from support not from the code.

With support of virtualmin I will have a SUPER HOSTING SERVER - and in a way of open source I ask YOU everyone for help.

I am limited of FBSD resources. I think I’ve found a way to have username longer of 32 chars (yes - if you’ve followed the manual of adduser, you’ve recompiled kernel and world and now you can login with username longer than 16 chars {which means you can have a email.at.domain@atsomedomain.com.org.whatever} - but now I finally made a way to have username longer than 32 chars - problem was in PAM and its message (stupid I know) constant - so rebuilding universe will help to you all who is in my way of doing it right and using FBSD.

Now I am asking - how many licences of virtualmin do I need?

I will use freevrrpd if I understand it right it will do the redundancy for IP address if one of boxes fails.

I will use heartbeat for monigoring and reconfiguring one system if the others crashes.

I have a scenario for this all.

If anyone is interested in this problem - please write me here and we can discuse the problem.

I know it is counting to 3 or 4 - nurse school - but it only seems like that. Help please - with anything. Any question. Any suggestion. Anything.

I don’t have a support of drbd so I will use gmirror instead.

Especialy Joe can you help me? ;o)))

Now I am asking - how many licences of virtualmin do I need?

One per world facing server. So, a primary server and a backup server (hot spare, whatever) is fine on a single license.

There is one tiny problem with your "get paid by support" model that you should be wary of: Bandwidth and space in a data center is a recurring cost, while support is generally an "every once in a while" revenue stream.

Some friends of ours operate a site called Weebly.com, which is a huge free hosting operation (about 1 million websites now, though we met them when it was a few tens of thousands and running on a couple of servers). They raised a few hundred thousand dollars in angel investment in order to keep the lights on while starting up. They’ve since introduced a few revenue streams that make it pay for itself…Domain registrations are, I think, the best generator of revenue for them.

Just a bit of a heads up. Hosting is actually a pretty capital intensive business, so be prepared for the costs to grow rapidly.

Thanks for such rapid reply. I don’t have a experience with so growing enviroment.

I will report progresses. I hope I will have 10k hostings in a half of year. So I can learn and iprove the system.

And - we don’t have bussiness plan as a weebley.

We want to host our own distribution of Joomla called Easy Joomla!

Hosting for such solution starts from 5$/month. I want to support community of such super system. So - I hope people will be tolerant in Beta version of hosting and will help me with building this solution.