Running sh --uninstall

Hi, I installed virtualmin by mistake on one of my servers so need to remove it completely - i found the command: sh --uninstall

Apparently that removes it except for services like Apache, altho when i installed it I never actually logged into virtualmin so never actually loaded any libraries so not sure if Apache is on there or not? Can you confirm? (I’m not a programmer so i haven’t got a clue - i just follow instructions, lol).

Also, I have another script on this server and just want to make sure that running that command doesn’t mess with my other script (which has nothing to do with virtualmin at all). Can you confrim this too?


The process of uninstalling Virtualmin only removes Webmin, Virtualmin, and the related config files – it doesn’t remove the other dependencies that were installed, such as Apache and MySQL.

So if you ran the script, those dependencies would still be there.

It’s difficult to say if there would be a conflict with your other script though, without knowing more about what it is/does.


If the install script completed successfully, then all the packages like Apache and Postfix and so on will be there, even if you never logged on to Virtualmin. :slight_smile: