Running Mail Server on Differenet Server

Hi there,

I have installed Virtualmin GPL on a spare PC at home running the script.

Everything is set up and running brilliantly.

At present I only have 1 IP address so of course I have a single point of failure although not a big issue at the moment because its only a Testing server to learn.

I have managed to configure TLS Support for Email and when i did a security test on Email Security Guard I got a score of 97% which i was very proud off.

My main reason is to ask if its possible to run my mail server and DNS server on differenet machines.

At present at home i have a Fixed IP address for business. I need to use this line for mail because its not possible to send emails to outlook and gmail from a dynamic IP address.

However i would really like Apache and Domain to run from my other home connection with a much better connection.

this has a dynamic IP address which does change but I can use Dynamic DNS to update this regulary in order to make sure its all resolvable.

How would i go about trying to get this kind of setup.

I have another machine stored in a shop in another town also running a Static IP address which i was using for my secondary DNS to prevent down town.

Could i use this machine to host my EMAIL and DNS and then my home machine to host the sites.

Any help appreciated.


A common way to do what you’re describing, if you just need email to go out, would be to use your ISP as a mail relay.

That way, email would be arriving from your ISP’s mail server, which would have a dedicated IP.

However, if you’re hoping to be able to receive email as well, that would be a problem on a dynamic IP.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for the reply.

I have a Static IP address which is configured for mail at the moment and all is working I can send and recieve email. I also have another static IP address located on another computer in another town which i could use for mail however its how i go about setting up the differenet parts in order for them to all work together.

As it stands now everything is running of one server so DNS, EMAIL and HOSTING. I need to be able to move the DNS and EMAIL to another PC and just run the domains from a dynamic IP address surly this is possible.



Are you planning to use an external dyndns service, or host the dynamic zones yourself?

The second case is somewhat tricky. For the first, you could set up Virtualmin on the PC that’s supposed to do the hosting, and manually configure your zone files on the DNS machine appropriately, i.e. make the “www.” entry a CNAME for the dynamic hostname you choose. You might get validation errors from Virtualmin then, which you can ignore.

In both cases you’ll of course need to make sure that your dynamic IP is properly updated.

Hi Locutus,

many thanks for your reply.

I wasnt aware I could host the dynamic zones myself. thats something I would need to look into however for now we will say that DYNDNS will service my zones.

I simply want to run my main DNS and MAIL servers on another machine located in a different subnet with static IP address and host my sites from a dynamic IP address which has a faster connection.

If i dont find a soloution then it looks like i shall have to keep my current configuration. Which is run everything from one central server I will however need to create a secondary DNS service for redundancy.


Yeah, BIND supports dynamic zones that can be updated with special DNS packets, or you can set up a web-based updating system like this:

Otherwise I outlined what you basically need to do… Do you have any further concrete questions to help you with? I certainly can’t write up step-by-step instructions for you, since I’d need much more concrete information about your setup for that, and it’d probably require way more time than I can spend with free support here in this forum. :wink:

Hi Locutus.

No your answers have provided me with enough information in order to complete the task. I shall take a look at the link you provided and start the process. I know this can be achieved its all about the DNS as long as its all pointing to the correct IP addresses and as long as those IP address are resolvable and public to the internet its juat a case of reworking the server templates.

I shall start the process tomorrow with a test machine before doing anything major.

many thanks for all your asssitance.