Running Cloudmin on OVH servers

Have been struggling for a while to make Cloudmin to properly work on an OVH server. Many settings had to be adopted to match quite strange peculiarities of OVH. For example, bridging per worked, but was not ok with OVH’s recommendations, so we had to set our networks according to their instructions on

Now we are having several problems, for example this one, but the main problem is that while guest systems are running, Cloudmin host system becomes unavailable both through SSH and https and we have to reboot the server to re-gain the access over and over again. Which logically tells us there might be something wrong with networks - guest systems settings conflict with host. But what I don’t understand how can guest override host. Anyway, what other possible reasons might be there for this strange behavior? There is not Apache or anything extra on the host, Cloudmin had been installed on a completely fresh system.

Little bit off the topic:

Overall conclusion from days and days of struggle to make Cloudmin to work on OVH server: OVH with its non-standard settings in everything really badly sucks. Cloudmin had been working for us on every other hosting vendors, but OVH.

We finally got everything working, but need to monitor the system for some time to make sure it is stable enough. So there is no issue here anymore, just reporting for posterity reasons for those who will try our path of making Cloudmin to properly work on OVH.


Good to hear you resolved your issue :slight_smile:

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Thanks, tpnsolutions.

Hello yngens,

We have the same issue with Cloudmin hosted on OVH, once guest systems are running, host system with Cloudmin becomes unavailable.

Can you please advice how you got host system and guests working?

Thank you.

OVH was terrible terrible terrible experience, that we would love to completely forget about. So I really don’t remember how we dealt with this particular issue. My suggestion to you: walk away from OVH as soon as possible!