Running BOTH pgsql and mysql

Hello All,

If I have a template where I allow 10 databases but I also allow both pgsql and mysql databases to be offered to the user, does this mean that a user can create 10 databases on each database platform or are they limited to 10 all around?

For example, if they create 8 DB’s in mysql, does this mean they only have 2 free slots for creating DB’s in pgsql? I hope that is how it works because we would like to offer both database platforms but would not like for a client to be able to get away with 10 DB’s on each platform.


Would anyone know this?

You could try it and see. :wink:

I don’t actually know, off-hand, how databases are counted.

I tried to test this myself but when I go to add/create more databases in virtualmin, the drop-box that allows you to choose which DB server to use (PGSQL or MySQL) only shows MySQL. It doesn’t display PgSQL. I have PgSQL enabled on both the server templates and on each virtualserver. I also tried restarting apache but it still doesn’t show in the drop-down box to create a database on the desired PgSQL server. PgSQL is also running

Is there something else I need to enable?

Okay, I ran into the same thing until I went into Edit Virtual Server, and selected "Postgres Login Enabled", and then hit Save.

At that point, I was able to create a Postgres DB for that Virtual Server.

Eric, thanks for the suggestion. I tried to do what you said and there was no option for "Postgres Login Enabled" so I checked "Features and Plugins" and noticed that the postgres module was not enabled there. I tried to enable it there but then I ran into some procmail and awstats issue.

Procmail was complaining about spamassassin not being necessary or something like that (can’t remember) but I had some funky stuff in my procmailrc which I fixed. awstats was acting up because I use an extra repo called utterramblings.repo for more recent stuff so I had to specify the location of my files in the config area since my other repo installed a different awstats.

After all that, VM was fully functional again and I was able to enable postgres and viola…NOWWW for the main answer to this post…

After both MySQL and PgSQL are enabled, if you have a limit of 10 DB’s per domain/package/whatever, that DOES mean that you have a total of 10 slots for DB creations between the both DB servers instead of 10/10. So, VM does count both servers as 1 group of DB slots…EXCELLENT!!!

Thanks guys!!!