Run Webmin/Virtualmin on only one subdomain


This is probably more of a Webmin question (sorry if this is OT), however how can I run webmin on say only?. Ie, I don’t want any of the virtual hosts to be able to access them via ‘’.


This is kind of unclear, are you asking to run a separate copy of webmin?

But let me assume better. Your virtual hosts already login to https://virtualname:port subject to the restrictions you allow in the default or template setup. If the user logs in on say https://webminhostname:port or with his virtualusername and password, he will still only get the same modules and access subject to the restrictions you made in the default or temple for server setup.

In other words, a virtual user will never see anymore or have access to anymore than you allow him, no matter which address he logs into. I prefer to give the hostname( or preferably the IP) of the server to the user for access so that he can start working on his server even before the domain starts to resolve.

hope that makes sense,

Hum, kind of.

Basically I’d like it so that users can not login (or even access Webmin/Virtualmin) via I’d like them all to access it via only, pretty much they wont be able to access it via there domain.

I fully understand that they will have all the same permissions, though.


To do this, you need one IP address dedicated to Webmin. In the Webmin Ports and Addresses page, you can set which address Webmin listens on. Make it the IP of "", and put no virtual servers on this IP address.

Ah, got ya. I think I see your intent. But I’m curious why you would want to do that. If you have 2 or more boxes you’d have to replicate the setups, unless, I’m not sure, that VM2 will be able to do that.

If you’re worried that the control panel won’t represent your business you can insert a company logo and link at the top of the control panel. It’s pretty cool and can, if you want, link right back to your hosting site.

I think he’s asking for something quite a bit simpler than that–I believe he just wants his customers to all go to one address (instead of being able to connect on the addresses of the virtual servers). Presumably, so he can have a single SSL certificate and avoid certificate warnings–this is a reasonable practice. I would just recommend only offering that particular link, but locking out all others is perfectly reasonable, too, if you have an IP address to spare for the purpose.

That’s exactly what I mean, Joe. Thank you very much, I shall try this out later.

Again, thanks very much both =)

I didn’t realize you could do that. That would certainly help to keep network names from being so public, and keep your business name in the forefront. How would you go about doing that for for multiple boxes?

How would you go about doing that for for multiple boxes?

Right now, you don’t. :wink:

We’ve had a couple of folks asking for it just this past week, though, and Jamie and I have discussed the requirements of such a setup…and VM2 will have the information required to do it, so there will be a new module for VM2 probably a week or two after its public release that allows for a single sign-on point for any number of Virtualmin hosts. Collective unconscious is funny…this is the first time anyone’s asked for this feature, and now we’ve had three people asking for it in a week, in wholly independent conversations. I guess it means we’ve already solved all of the other outstanding issues for those folks, and now they’re able to see through to new ones. :wink:

Hehe, I guess we can still blame it on the snow
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