Ruby On Rails

I got problem (since 3.7 PRO) version RoR and my Redmine installation script stoped to work anymore. Is there any configuration changes or something like that. It seems that everything goes well till some script phase.

Is there any way how to debug it?

Thanks a lot.

Default RoR installation script seems to be locked in the same infinite loop. I’ve derived my Redmine installation script from it.

Thanks again.


So the problem you’re having is running the install script for Redmine – it just seems to hang there… does it show any output at all during the install process?

Also, do you see any errors in the /var/log/miniserv.error log?


The problem is in calling &protect_rails_directory($d, $opts); in install script. I think this has something to do with upgrading virtualmin because of privileges (I saw something like that in changelog).

Problem solved. But for anyone who wants to install RoR - comment out this line in install script and it should work.


I’m glad you figured that out! I’m sure Jamie would love to know about that so he can fix it for future releases… if you haven’t already, could you file a bug report about that, and the solution you found?

You can do that by going here:



I did report the bug. Hope this will help a little bit.