Ruby on Rails

PHP Version 5.1.6
Apache Version Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS)

Following instructions from ‘Ruby On Rails and Virtualmin’

  1. I installed the required packages on a CentOS system:

[code:1]yum install ruby ruby-devel gcc make mysql-devel sqlite sqlite-devel[/code:1]

  1. Followed instructions for ‘Installing Rails For a Virtual Server’ with a database and clicked ‘Install Now’.

  2. [code:1]Installing Ruby Gems package …
    Installing package(s) with command yum -y install rubygems …
    Loading "installonlyn" plugin
    Setting up Install Process
    Setting up repositories
    Reading repository metadata in from local files
    Parsing package install arguments
    Nothing to do

… install complete.

… failed to install!
4. On searching these forums I came across a thread where it was mentioned that:

There is an oddity with the MySQL shared libraries on CentOS - they are not in a directory that Ruby looks in.

The fix is to login as root via SSH and install manually with the command :

gem install mysql – --with-mysql-include=/usr/include/mysql --with-mysql-lib=/usr/lib/mysql

The go back into Virtualmin and re-try the Rails install.

I got: [code:1] -bash: gem: command not found [/code:1] 5. [code:1]ruby -v ruby 1.8.5 (2006-08-25) [i386-linux]

-sh-3.1$ gem --version
-sh: gem: command not found
Appreciate some guidance as to what to do next.


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