rsync solution for backup?

is there any rsync option in virtualmin for scheduled backups?
ssh solution is very slow, it take 1 hour for 500MB.


Rsync isn’t natively supported by Virtualmin, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t generate rsync backups on your own.

You could use Virtualmin to define a set of backups that don’t include home directory data.

Then just use rsync to backup your home directory data.


Eric’s suggestion is what I’d go for here too. Virtualmin backups aren’t overly recommended for home directories of that size.

For one specific “file hosting” VM of mine I do the very same. I use Virtualmin backup for everything excluding homedir, and then rsync triggered via cron to mirror home directory contents.

I’d wonder though why ssh is that slow for you. If you need one hour for 500 MB, that’s just over 130 kB/sec. How come it’s that slow? Is scp generally that slow for the systems involved?

ok after some research now I am not sure rsync would be best solution because I need full backups and not incermental backups. how about a local backup and then transfering it to backup server via FTP?

Rsync will synchronize two directories to have the same contents afterwards. If the target directory is empty, it will copy everything. So to make a “full backup” with it, just give it a new target directory. :slight_smile:

FTP is generally not a good idea, because it is completely unencrypted, including login, password and data.

So, what exactly are you trying to achieve? How exactly should your backup scheme work?

I have two vps. use one of them for storing backup of main vps. I need a simple solution that give me at least full (webmin settings and sites) backup of two days, not inceremental or synchronization. currently webmin do this for me and delete old backup automatically, but it is just slow.
I do not think what I need would be easy with rsync? need scripting that I am not familiar with.

Well, I’m not too familiar with extensive scripting myself unfortunately.

What exactly do you need the full backups for? To be able to revert to a number of earlier versions of files? In that case, you could use the tool “rsnapshot”, which can make use of Linux hardlinks to create multiple copies/snapshots of a remote directory, keeping a history of files, while unchanged files only occupy space once.

rsnapshot can only create hardlinks on the local machine though, which means you’d need to have the backup VPS pull in the data, instead of having the live server push it to the backup place.

By the way, rsync and rsnapshot also use SSH for the transfer, so if SSH in Virtualmin is slow for you, it’ll probably be so in other solutions as well. You might want to try and find out WHY it’s so slow.

good solution thanks, I am going to try this as it will transfer less data after first backup. and regarding why ssh is slow maybe because one server is in germany and another one is in US

  • backup server is a cheap vps with low memory…